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Future Fries $11.5

Fries with Moon’s spiced seasoning served with chipotle aioli and tomato sauce [GF - V - VG]

Raptor Cheesy Loaded Fries $19

Our future fries loaded with cheese sauce, aioli and jalapeños with Bacon or seitan [GFa* - Va* - VGa*]

Galactic Garlic Flatbread $12

Freshly baked with garlic, herbs, parmesan and sea salt served with a dipping sauce [GF]

The Big Dipper Corn Chips $14

Tortilla chips with salsa, avocado and cheese dips [GF-V-VGa*]

Helios Project Halloumi Sticks $15

Golden crumb halloumi sticks with tomato relish [V]

Spice X Jalapeno Poppers $15

Jalapeño, corn and cheese poppers served with garlic aioli and herbs [V]

JAXA Karaage Chicken $18

House chili sauce coated crispy karaage tenders with kewpie mayo [DF]


Yoko Ono - Margherita $18

Tomato base, mozzarella, basil [V-VGa*-GFa*]

Jackie Fox - Black Forest $20

Dessert pizza - Berry coulis base, almonds, chocolate buttons, cherries, choc sauce, whipped cream [GFa*]

Barry White - Vegan Deluxe $22

Tomato base, vegan mozzarella, olives, mushroom, artichoke, roasted red pepper [V-VG-GFa*]

Syd Barrett - Funghi $24

Garlic base, mozzarella, mushroom, herbs, parmesan, truffle oil [V-VGa*-GFa*]

Suzi Quatro - Quattro Formaggi $24

Mozzarella, blue cheese, feta, parmesan, herbs [V-GFa*]

Norah Jones - Tandoori Chicken $25

Masala base, mozzarella, cured cheese, chicken, red onion, coriander, mint yoghurt [GFa*]

Max Romeo - Umami Pepperoni $25

Tomato base, mozzarella filoni, black garlic, pepperoni salami, parmesan [GFa*]

Teresa Berganza - Chorizo + Feta $25

Tomato base, mozzarella, chorizo, feta, sweetcorn, extra virgin olive oil, herbs, sea salt [GFa*]


Lady Sovereign - Chicken Schnitzel $22

Fried crumbed chicken with aioli, sweet chili sauce, shredded lettuce, sliced tomato. With fries [DF]

Eslam Jawaad - Onion Bhaji $18

Onion bhaji, sliced tomato, vegan aioli, shredded lettuce, coriander. With fries [V - VG]


Churronauts $10

Churros style fried dough, vegan caramel + choc dip [V-VG]

Buzz’s Brownie $12

Gluten free Brownie w/ almonds served with caramel, chocolate sauce & a scoop of ice cream [V - GF]

Cape Canaveral Cheesecake $13

Vanilla cheesecake, biscuit base, red berry coulis, whipped cream [V]

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