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Pizza of the Month:

Frank Zappa – Proscuitto $20

Tomato base, mozzarella filoni, sliced proscuitto, fresh rocket

Booster Upgrade: Red Onions, Chili Flakes, Garlic +$3 [GF Av.]

Yoko Ono – Margharita $13

Tomato base, fresh basil, organic mozzarella, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil

Booster Upgrade: Red Onions, Chili Flakes, Garlic +$3 [GF Av./V]

Roky Erickson – No Cheese $15

Double tomato base, garlic, sea salt, fresh rocket & herbs, lemon, extra virgin olive oil

w Anchovies +$7 [GF Av./Vg]

Nina Simone – Deluxe Vegan $18

Salsa rosso base, slow roasted mushroom, fresh rocket, crispy pumpkin, walnut dusting, truffle oil [GF Av./Vg

Thelonious Monk – Southern Creole $19

Creole tomato base, mozzarella filoni, cajun chicken, sundried tomato, artichoke heart, roast capsicum

Vegetarian (no Cajun chicken) $16 [GF Av./V Av.]

Chuck Berry – Venison Pepperoni $20

Tomato base, mozzarella filoni, venison pepperoni, Epic Pale Ale caramelised onions, topped w/ sage, fresh rocket and capsicum [GF Av.]

Syd Barrett – Mushroom $21

Mozzarella filoni, garlic, seasonal herbs,  truffle infused mushrooms, truffle oil [GF Av./V]

Crater of Olives ……………. $6

Oven warmed olives marinated in a Moon spice mix of chili, garlic and orange zest [GF/V/


Future Fries w/ Sauce ……. $8

Chunky fries with spiced space seasoning (or vinegar)

Extra tomato sauce / Chipotle mayo .50¢ [V/GF/Vg Av]

Astrocini Orbs (x3) ………… $8.5

Risotto arancini w/ Mushroom, truffle and rocket

& red-capsicum sauce [V]

First Puppies In Space …. $9

Hush puppy cornballs with rocket, feta and jalapeño

w/ chipotle mayo [V]

Global Dough Balls …. $6/$9

A small (6) or large (10) handful of pizza dough balls

w/ red capsicum [Vg] or black garlic aioli dipping sauce [V]

blue planet: with blue cheese inside (+$1.5/+$3) [V]

red planet: with pepperoni + mozzarella inside (+$1.5/+$3) [V]

Landing Strip Flatbread … $9

Strips of Italian flatbread garnished with herbs

w/ A dip duo of Sundried tomato pesto and

Dukkah topped hummus

…Infused with Garlic oil on request… [V/Vg Av.]

Fire Shield Feta ……….. $10

Oven baked marinated feta with roast garlic, citrus, herbs and sundried tomato

w/ Slices of crostini [V]

Pan-Galactic Prawns …………… $12

Seared tiger prawns with garlic, chilli + coriander

w/ a coconut beurre blanc [DF]

Saturn Five Soup ….. $10

A warming mix of pumpkin, coconut cream & ginger served w/ crusty bread on the side [V/Vg]

Amanda Palmer ….. $10

Mesclun salad w/ roast capsicum, tomato, red onion, toasted seeds, gewürz balsamic reduction & Manuka smoked feta [GF/DF/V/Vg Av.]

Large w Prawn or Cajun chicken + $7

Rocket Salad ….. $10

Fresh rocket, sea salt, crushed roasted walnuts,

fresh lemon juice, grana, extra virgin olive oil [GF/V/Vg Av.]

Block Party – Festive felafel burger $17

Felafel patty, onion bhaji, borscht salsa, tzatziki sauce, zany zeus brinza cheese + asian slaw in an Arobake bun w/ future fries and bravas sauce [V/Vg Av.]

Johnny Devlin – Cheese-burger $16

Cream cheese, organic mozzarella, sundried tomato and red onion crumbed patty, with salsa rossa, portobello mushroom, fresh rocket and a compound butter in an Arobake bun. Served with future fries [V]

Sascha Vollmer – Pulled pork burger $18

Free range pulled pork burger w/ apple compote, chipotle aioli, spiced red cabbage and salad in an Arobake bun. Served with future fries [DF]

Rachid Taha – Mean as vegan tagine $20

North African style pumpkin and chickpea tagine. Served with couscous

[GF avail. w Saffron rice] [V/Vg]

Hassan Hakmoun – Tagine-style Lamb $23

Moroccan tagine styled spiced dish, with slow cooked lamb and a moon spice blend. Served with couscous

[GF avail. w Saffron rice] [DF]

3 Scoops of Carrello Vanilla Gelato…..$9

Served w/ wafers and a Berry sauce with cranberries or a Chocolate sauce with cacao nibs and toasted coconut [GF/V]

Astrogato’ coffee dessert…..$8.5

Gingernut gelato served with hot espresso
and topped with crushed hazelnuts [GF/V]

Doughnauts – Peach Beignet-Style…..$10

Peach beignets served w/ Passionfruit & white choc chantilly + a Glühwein cherry compote [V]

Bonny’s Brownie – Banoffee Brownie…..$10

Gluten free Brownie w/ almonds served with caramelised bananas, chocolate sauce & a scoop of Carello’s vanilla gelato [GF/V]